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Going walk about –

In this video I introduce the idea of steering and going, while keeping in mind the end goal of creating a calm, happy horse that says YES to any question asked of her! This was filmed after her first liberty session and was her second ride with me on. I will now continue with the exercises from these first three videos over the next week or so before getting going at trot, canter and taking her out and about in the lorry! As the beginning is so important I wanted to show how I would go about those early stages. The next video will be about trot, canter and taking her out on her first little adventure!

Notes -Ferne is a 4yr old Connemara mare

Duration : 30 minutes

Ps I would appreciate any feedback on this video so do add your thoughts in the review section below.

“Sharing training – I would love nothing more than to be able to give away these training videos without cost but that’s not really very fair as the ponies cost a lot to keep etc, so I thought maybe a nice way was to charge the same as a pot of tea for two! (Price based on local cafe) So you are in fact paying for the equivalent of you and I sharing some horse training over a cuppa!” Em x

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