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This video is a real time training session with a 4yr old Connemara Mare called Ferne. This is my approach to backing a young horse and how I go about starting to be able to develop a friendship so that we can work at liberty together.
This is part one of what will be a series of videos to enable viewers to follow a young horses journey without editing to show just the ‘wow stuff’ of a finished Liberty Horse. I hope you enjoy! Emx

Ps I would appreciate any feedback on this video so do add your thoughts in the comments below.

“Sharing training – I would love nothing more than to be able to give away these training videos without cost but that’s not really very fair as the ponies cost a lot to keep etc, so I thought maybe a nice way was to charge the same as a pot of tea for two! (Price based on local cafe) So you are in fact paying for the equivalent of you and I sharing some horse training over a cuppa!” Em x

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Review of Starting with a young horse - Fernes Journey Part 1

Great informative video. Very appropriate as I am about to start my 4 year old and will definately use your techniques and hope my filly is as chilled as Ferne. Look forward to the next one. Thank you

Review of Starting with a young horse - Fernes Journey Part 1

I watched this while drinking my sherry and I thought it was brilliant, and there’s so much to put in the tool box for every day work with ponies. The looking forward to the next one!

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